If you are trying to make a decision about a current pregnancy, need support for a challenge with pregnancy or parenting, or want to talk about a past experience with abortion, adoption, or pregnancy loss, you’ve found the right place. Call us at toll-free at 1.888.493.0092 if you need to talk!

“Thank you so much for being there. I am so appreciative for feeling as though I have someone on my side. No one else in my life really understood how I was feeling or what I was going through in making this decision.”

Our Talkline offers a free and confidential space for people in the US and Canada to talk about pregnancy, parenting, abortion, and adoption. We provide unconditional and judgment-free support at any point before, during and after your experience, no matter which options you are considering, what decisions you have already made, or how you are feeling about it all.

People of all ages, genders, races, backgrounds, religious affiliations and political leanings call Backline. Most of our callers are people who are or have been pregnant and want to discuss their own experiences, but we also speak often to partners, parents, friends and loved ones.

Backline offers peer counseling and support for people who wish to discuss pregnancy, parenting, abortion and adoption. Our volunteer Talkline Advocates are not licensed healthcare providers or mental health specialists. If you are experiencing a mental health emergency or having thoughts of hurting yourself, please call 1.800.273.TALK (in the US) or 1.800.SUICIDE (in the US or Canada), 24 hours/day.

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